How a Single Mom Makes $7500 a Month from Home Using a Simple Method Anybody Can Learn and Duplicate!

Hi, My name is Susanna. I’m a single mother who works 365 days a year to support myself and 3 children. You’ve probably known women like me, single women who work hard to support families on their own. The only difference is, I make money online, NOT by answering to a boss. It all goes back to 2007, around the time the stock market started crashing. While I wasn’t exactly thriving, I did have a stable job working the roulette tables at a casino, and was keeping my head above water.

That was, until I got laid off. I got the news one day at work. My boss simply came up to me, and told me to be off the casino floor by the end of the day. What was I going to do for a living? What I needed was a job I could do at home, so I could make money while being with my kids. So, I turned to online gambling. Yeah, I knew about the odds.

But a few years prior to all this, I’d heard a few of my co-workers at the casino talking about this method they’d been using to beat the odds at online roulette. I remember thinking “this has some promise.”

So, I looked up the method online and sure enough I found a website that explained it to me. So I tried it.

Within a week, I’d made over $300!

Today, I make a full-time income using this method. I have a house that’s halfway paid off, three children in private schools, and I go on vacations two times a year. It’s not easy supporting two sons and a daughter with gambling winnings, but I survived… AND THRIVED! And today, I want to show you how you can make money using the exact same system I used to get my life back on track.

“But… why do you want to share your money-making system with me?”

For one simple reason: This system works!

Let me be clear: My roulette method does NOT require that you have special skills at the game of roulette; instead, it lets you profit by playing the odds and using the casinos’ own system against them!

I’m NOT trying to sell you something here. I just want to show you how you can do this.

This method is 100% legal

The casino will always pay your winnings within 5-7 business days. Usually I withdraw all my $1000 , and always leave around $150 in my casino's balance, so I won't need to deposit again. Simple math – I play in 5 casinos (see below) per day and win a maximum of $50 per day per casino I get a total of $250 per day X 30 =$7500 /month.

So, let’s get down to business!

How To Make Money With My Betting System

You know the old saying in gambling, “the house always wins”? Well, it turns out that’s not always true. There are certain casinos online whose roulette systems have glitches in them. These, of course, are the casinos we want to play with!

I’m going to show you which casinos these are in just a minute.

But First, Let Me Show You How The System Works!

It’s so simple, a kid could do it. Here’s how I do it, in 6 simple steps:

1.   I log into the online casino I want to play at (usually I’ll play 5 separate casinos in a day, makes it harder for the admins to notice me).

2.   I sign on for a game of French roulette.

3.   I start by betting $1 on RED.

4.   If RED comes up, I win $1. When I win, I always change the color .

5.   Next, I bet $1 on BLACK.

6.   If I lose, I bet $2 on BLACK. When I lose, 
I stay on the same color and double the bet until I win .

For example, I lost $1 betting on RED, now I bet $2 on the RED ; if I lose again, I will bet now $4 on the RED ; if I lose again, I will bet $8 on the RED if I win I will change the color and bet again $1 on the BLACK.

Sometimes the ZERO comes up (very rare) and I lose $1. My next step is to bet $2 again on the RED until I win and then change the color. (Same as step number 6).

Can you see the pattern?

Whenever I win, I switch to a different color. Whenever I lose, I stay on the same color and double the bet until I win. 
If you walk into a casino with a live table and a human dealer, this won’t work. 
But on some electronic casinos, this strategy triggers a glitch in their programming which lets you win consistently. 

This strategy takes some getting the hang of!

So, before you do anything else, I recommend that you first sign up for an account at one of the casinos below, then start playing in DEMO MODE until you are winning consistently. 
Then, and only then, do you deposit any money with the casino. 
When you DO start playing for real, I recommend you start with an initial deposit of 65 Euro at one casino.

That’s how much I started with, and I’ve been able to build it up to the point where I’m now making $250 a day! 
I think $65 is a great level to get in on, because you’re not risking that much, and yet after a few weeks’ practice with a demo account, 
you can quickly build that up to a respectable level.

Now, here’s where things get really interesting:

Once you’ve been playing a while and have built up a decent amount 
of money, you will earn “VIP” status at the casinos, which will entitle you to 
all kinds of gifts… sometimes ones with a lot of cash value! 
It’s all available to you, all you need to do is sign up at one of the 
casinos below, deposit $65, and then download their software… 
You’ll be ready to go in minutes.

Casinos Where This System Will Work:

Personal Tip:

Don't waste your time starting with $20 or $30. This won't be enough to continue if the same colour comes up 4 times in a row. It's better to be persistent and wait for your $65. Believe me. I still see people doing it and coming to complain afterwards.

3 Golden Rules to Make This Work

1. Make sure to deposit atleast $65 in your initial deposit

2. Increase your daily profits playing on the 5 following casinos

3. Your first bet must always starts with $1

Now, as I mentioned, the system I described above will only work with a few select online casinos.  

Whatever you do, do NOT attempt the strategy I outlined above at ANY OTHER CASINO EXCEPT THE ONES I HAVE LINKED TO BELOW! To make sure you do this right, simply click on one of the casino buttons below and download your software directly from there. This will guarantee you don’t end up betting at the wrong table.

All the Casinos are secured by digital encryption with a 128-byte security protocol to protect your personal and bank account details.

These casinos were tested to pay player winnings quickly

8 Key Steps To Making This Really Work For You!

So, you now have all the ingredients you need to start making money playing roulette online. Now, before you do anything else, I just want to review the 8 essential steps to my process.


1. Click on one of the casino images on this page.

2. Download the required software.

3. Register.

4. Play in the demo/practice room.

5. Deposit $65. I strongly recommend you waive any deposit bonus the casino offers; using the bonus money will later make it harder to withdraw your winnings.

6. Play European or French roulette.

7. Start with $1 bets and work your way up.

8. Play at all five casinos I’ve linked to on this page.


It’s really as simple as that!


Follow my method to the word and you’re practically guaranteed to make money.

I would say a 20% average payout ($20 won on every $100 put in) would be a reasonable goal.

 But remember the 8 steps above, if you do not follow them to the letter, this system will not work!

What My Subscribers Are Saying!

Hello Susanna,

How can I ever thank you enough? I am so impressed with your method. I didn't know anything about computers; you have really guided me and held my hand until the moment I started generating cash. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget you.

Marie Davis

Dear Susanna,

I am writing to thank your for introducing us to your fantastic method. I was really skeptical about it, but I really didn't have much to lose , so me and my husband decided to try it and in less then an hour we had subscribed to 4 of the casinos. It really did work. We still can't get over it, earning so much money so easily! Why doesn't everybody do it? So congratulations to you for what you've done. It's really something that you have dared to pass the system on to others. I have to say I myself am a bit more selfish. I don't like to tell anyone about it. Big big thank you

Sofia White

Hi Susanna,

I've just seen for myself that this is real and its really incredible. In 6 months I've made more than in the last 5 years! This year, I can finally pay for a holiday for my 2 kids. Life hasn't always spoiled me, you know, but thanks to you all that has changed. Thank you also for your kindness and availability. I have to say that these are very rare things to find on the Internet, well done! Kind regards,

Terresa H.

A Final, Personal Note

Well, there you have it: My proven roulette method, guaranteed to make you money at any one of the casinos linked to below.

I’m sure if you start practicing my method today, you will be making money within a week.

Discovering and implementing this method has been an incredible journey for me.

One thing I’ve learned from this experience is that helping people, whether it’s your own children or random strangers on the internet, is the best gift you can receive.

I hope this money-making gift keeps on giving, and adds tremendous value to your life.

Are you going to put off again till tomorrow what you can do today?

$20 x 5 casinos = $100 /day $100 x 30days=$3000 /month

Think about it. $3000 that's pretty good already, isn't it